Bookhammer is a simple but powerful epub editing tool for writers.


Distraction-free writing area.

Epub auto-saved to the cloud. (Storage provided by Google Drive)

Edit-access to the underlying files of your epub.

Easy metadata updating

Built-in stylesheet editor

Built-in epub viewer

Easy export of epub

Easy export of web-viewable ebook

Basic PDF export

No lock-in


Bookhammer is not a full general-purpose epub editing tool. It works with a subset of the epub3 specification and is aimed at writers who wish to produce epub3 books easily and efficiently. (There is currently no support for video or audio) Bookhammer supports Scalable Vector Graphics as its primary graphics/image format (other image formats are also accommodated - for details, see the Bookhammer Help guide within the app).


Bookhammer is available to try for free. After a month it costs 99 cents per month. There is no lock-in, so if Bookhammer ceases to meet your needs simply export your work and then delete the app.


Bookhammer is developed by me, Grant Sutherland.

I use Bookhammer as my main editor.

I welcome feedback via